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The movies listings below have been submitted by our site users and are arranged alphabeticaly by title. We depend upon our users to submit their ratings and comments and do not use professional reviewers. These listings include both currently playing movies and those available as video rentals. Not all of the currently playing movies may be represented here.

If you are at least 50 years of age and would like to submit a rating, comment, or review of a movie you have recently seen, click here. Please feel free to scroll through the alphabetical listings below.


***   Cute, but predictable comedy. It's the old story of a poor sap who sold his soul to the devil. But here, the devil is a woman who gives her victim 7 wishes. The story has a happy ending.    (Submitted by Sarah G.)

Cast Away

***   Enjoyable, no dull moments. Funny, exciting, and a little romantic.   (submitted by Phoebe L.)

***   Good movie. Tom Hanks is always great. The movie should've been a little shorter, though.   (submitted by Thomas W.)


Don't see this unless you like gory movies! Not sure how to rate this one--it's well acted and well made, and some parts are captivating, but on the whole it's too weird for my taste. (submitted by Phoebe L.)

Men of Honor   

*****   Based on a true story which took place between 1943-1960's, the story is about Navy divers, their courage and dedication.     (Rating & review submitted by Harvey E.)

*****   The acting of both Robert Dinero was superb!   (anon.)

Miss Congeniality

****   Sandra Bullock, Michael Kane, and William Shattner were great! I thought the movie was very good, and a lot of fun. (submitted by Harvey E.)

Proof of Life

*****   Very good. Lots of action, good story, enjoyable. (submitted by John B.)

The Replacements

****   This was an enjoyable comedy with excellent acting. I couldn't give it the highest rating, however, because the theme was done many times before--a sports team made up of an unusual conglomerate of characters make good with the help of a new coach (an old-timer).   (submitted by S.P.)

Thirteen Days

****   Excellent acting, very good depiction of the Cuban missile crises during Kennedy's era. (submiited by sse)

Vertical Limit

***   I always enjoy outdoor adventure stories and this was good, but not as exciting as I had hoped.    (anon.)

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