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How To Submit A Memorial

Honor the memory of a deceased loved one by writing a few lines, a passage, a poem, or an essay for our Memorial Page.

Write the name of the person you're honoring, as you would like it to appear on the website.

You may submit your memorial using the form below.

Alternatively, you may submit your memorial directly on an e-mail message, or directly from your word processing program (do not include a cover note, as attachments will not be read).

If you have any questions or comments, or need further instructions please e-mail us at  MEMORIAL@MODERNSENIOR.NET

The use of this form is optional. It's provided for your convenience.

Name of person you're honoring     

Please select header from the following choices:  

  Your Email Address:

Use the text area below for your submission:

How would you like to sign your name? Please indicate below:

   Thank you.

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