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Arthritic Elastic Waist Jean Pants Denim Does Not Get Much Softer Than This! Pre-washed, denim jeans feature a comfortable fit with full elastic waist. Terrific for those with arthritic hands. Two side pockets. Machine washable, sizes 10 - 44.
Arthritic Zipper Dress
Easy to Grasp Zipper Dress This pretty dress has an easy-to-grasp toggle zipper that's great for those with arthritis. Opens to below the waist to allow for easy over the head or step into dressing. Tie belt, two patch pockets. Full gathers across the back are terrific for those with osteoarthritis and/or scoliosis. Machine washable quality polyester interlock, wide variety of prints/colors. *Buy
ONLY $29.99!!

Capri Pants Easy Closure

Comfortable Arthritic Capris adapted for your needs. VELCRO® closures on both left and right sides, so you don't have to struggle with buttons, hooks or snaps. Elasticized waist, side pockets. Machine washable pique knit cotton-polyester. Only $29.98 for sizes M-XL, slightly higher for larger sizes, choice of colors.  *

Easy-to-fasten VELCRO® front closures hidden behind decorative buttons. Terrific for arthritis or other dexterity difficulties. Soft machine washable polyester crepe. Available in other colors, sizes 6 - 44.
Easy-Touch Blouse
Easy Touch Front Closures are concealed by decorative buttons. Terrific for those with arthritic hands or lowered hand dexterity. Soft washable polyester. Machine Washable. Choice of colors, in sizes 6 -20.    Buy icon

Skirt-Velcro Closure
Wonderful Wrap Skirt is ideal for anyone with arthritic hands or who has difficulty dressing. This skirt simply wraps around and fastens with a VELCRO® strip at the waist. Two side pockets. Quality machine washable polyester. Sizes Small-3XL, chouce of colors and prints.
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No buttons, zippers or snaps to deal with. This VELCRO® Wrap Skirt has a band waist that's easily adjustable with VELCRO® tabs. Made of quality machine washable polyester-gabardine, in sizes small to 3XL, six colors to choose from *Buy icon *more like this

front closing bra
  Tired of struggling with tiny hooks? This bra has three large flat hooks, with an Easy Touch tab in front of each hook to guide it into it's closure. Large finger loops for easy grasping.
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ONLY $16.98!!
Easy Snap Front Closure Bra with 4 Easy Close Snaps. Wide shoulder straps. Machine washable cotton/spandex. Sizes S-3XL.
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Easy Close Washable Shoe Dressy Velcro Shoes
The Wonderful Washable Women's Shoe has Easy Touch closures that can be adjusted as often as desired for swelling feet. Extra wide for your ultimate comfort, skid-resistant soles. Available in taupe or black, sizes 6-11. A great buy at only $39.98!!
VELCRO® Shoes - Extra Wide.Pedors Incredibly Comfortable, Wide Lightweight Shoes. Made of seamless, stretch Neoprene that forms to your foot. VELCRO® straps fully adjust to any width. Removable insoles accommodate orthotic inserts. High grip, skid-resistant soles. Machine washable. Available in sizs 6-15.

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Fashionable Adaptive Blouse. Lovely layered look with the ease of one-piece. Silky open back blouse has a button front that opens to reveal an attached shell. Full overlap with dome closure at shoulders. The blouse allows the individual's arms to be slid into the sleeves without having to raise/lower their arms or struggle with neck openings. Machine washable.

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This attractive ribbon-trimmed night gown is terrific for elderly/seniors who are disabled or wheelchair dependent. The adaptive features include a full overlap at the back with double dome closures at each shoulder, providing complete comfort and discretion unlike traditional tie-back hospital gowns. The dome/snap closures are placed on the shoulders to avoid pressure points.



This Stunning Open Back Dress
features four decorative buttons, generous overlap with dome/snap closure at each shoulder, back of neck and cuffs. Tie belt, shoulder pads, side seam pockets. Choice of colors & patterns, machine washable.
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Adaptive Clothing - Cardigan
This adaptive cardigan completely opens up, allowing the arms to be slid into the armholes without having to raise the individuals arms or struggle with a neck opening. sizes small to 3XL.  *Buy

Wheelchair Track Pants
Wheelchair Track Pants
These wheelchair pants features Dome closures at the back of the waistband for easy seated dressing (No standing required). Large overlap flap at back provides complete discretionary coverage. Choice of colors, machine washable.  

Adaptive Capri Set
Adaptive Capri Tracksuit. This summerweight set is perfect for those with mobility/wheelchair dependency and/or incontience. Pants and top each slip on with ease from a seated position. Quality lightweight machine washable polyester-cotton terry.
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Ladies Wheelchair Cape
This Polar Fleece Wheelchair Cape is spring bright and just right for cool summer breezes. Shorter back stays clear of wheels! Attached hood. Front zipper to waist for easy access. Quality machine washable polyester. In red or khaki, one size fits all.
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Wheelchair Dress
Open Back Wheelchair Dress. What a Delightful Wheelchair Dress! This comfortable adaptive dress has a flattering fit. Features a generous back overlap, with Easy Touch closure at each shoulder. Side seam pockets for convenience. Made of quality washable polyester interlock, in sizes Xsmall to 3XLarge, choice of colors. *buy

Non-skid Socks

Non Skid/slip Socks-Hospital Socks--Only $5.98!!! Skid and slip resistant hospital socks with treads or grips(gripper socks)! Extra Comfy UNISEX Slipper-Socks in feather-soft polyester chenille.
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Non Skid Hospital Socks - 6 Pack
Care Steps offer the warmth and comfort of soft terry plus the protection of skid-resistant treads. Acrylic and stretch yarns. Machine washable for convenience.
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Slippers, Non-constrictive
The answer to all your swelling problems!! UNISEX Flexi Slippers have movable Easy Touch tabs that adjust to any width. The pillow comfort is terrific for those who are sensitive to pressure points. Skid-resistant soles can help prevent falls. Machine washable. Sizes Small-XL, black only. Buy
Anti-Skid Slipper Socks
These durable nonslip soles that give the wearer sure footing, is yours for only $7.99.


  SUITCASE RAMP; 6' Suitcase Ramp This single-fold ramp for scooters and all wheelchair types is designed to bridge the gap over steps and curbs. Simply unfold the hinged ramp and position for maximum safety and support. Folds in half and can be carried like a suitcase. More Information



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